Aimee Takes EXGFPICS In Front Of The Mirror


EX GF Galleries 3-15-11 Aimee

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My first question is what sort of douche bag spells the name Amy as Aimee?  Oh, that’s right! The same douche bag dirty ex gf slut that would tell her boyfriend she was sending him some exgfpics pics while he was traveling and snapped a shot of the guy she was fucking on the side in the background.  Yes this is one of our ex gf galleries that even contains a blooper!  If you look about half way through the gallery you will see a guy in the background while this slut is taking her clothes off and making those sexy exgfpics for her man.  You might first think to yourself that maybe it was just someone passing by like a friend.  But ask yourself this question, how many of you would be fine with some guy you do not know wandering around your house while your now ex gf is getting naked taking exgfpics?  Yea, that is what I thought! This slut was fucking guys while her boyfriend was away working to pay for all the expensive shit this bitch liked to buy.  Nothing is better than an instant gotcha moment like this when you catch a cheating slut like her in the act and it is a great ex girlfriends exposed moment .  She makes a great addition to the ex gf galleries and a nice lesson to any future cheating sluts out there.  Check the damn hot girlfriend pictures you are sending to people BEFORE you send them.  I can only wonder what great excuse she had to why there one was random guy loafing around in the background.  I guess we will just have to settle for all these exgfpics instead of the excuses.


More Big Tit Exgfpics In Our Ex GF Galleries


EX GF Galleries 3-14-11 Cyn

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Another dose of big titted exgfpics for your viewing pleasure.  She may be a bleached blonde, which personally takes away a few points in my book, however those massive tits make up for any points lost in a hurry.  Thankfully she took the time for some hot self shot exgfpics showing off those massive tits before the shit hit the fan with her relationship.  Another classic ex gf story that you might think you already know until you read what happened next.

This hot ex bitch was out at a club with her friends one night and did not not come home after it closed.  Her boyfriend found out that this slut ended up going home with not one, but two guys!  He was wondering where she was while she was getting tagged teamed like the big tit whore she is. After the slut finished fucking those two clowns she went home the next day like nothing had ever happened.  He asked where she was that night and she came up with some weak lie that turned into a huge fight where in a heated moment she told him that she had fucked two guys the night before and that was where she was.  This was all he had to hear, he kicked the bitch out that very same day for being such a cheating whore. Blonde with big tits down for exgfpics or not some things you just can not over look and I am sure everyone understands.

That is the end of the twist to the story today because we all know how it ended if you are reading this right now.  She left some exgfpics around and a sex tape or two which her jilted boyfriend quickly took for some sweet ex gf payback.  Exploited Ex GF to the rescue! They quickly paid out some cash to add this dirty slut’s exgfpics and sex tapes to the collection for everyone to see.

EXGFPICS Overload! Cheating Ex GFs Are Piling Up


EX GF Galleries 3-11-11 Sara

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Sara is just hanging with her cute pigtails for some bubble bath exgfpics action.  She looks very innocent until we find out she was fucking around on her boyfriend.  Sadly, no amount of ex gf bath time fun can make up for the fact that some random guy was fucking her behind this guy’s back.  Another kinky slut for the ex gf galleries pile.  Those pigtails and little Tinker Bell tattoo can not save her from getting posted online for everyone to look at , showing her as the cheating slut she turned out to be.


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Where do we start with sweet Dee?  This girl has all the great exgfpics factors we look for on this site from sexy eyes to a nice set of natural tits.  Throw in some tan lines and a few pictures with a pose that is just begging for you to stick your cock in her mouth.  I think the last part about taking the “please put your cock in me” look pictures are what got this slut into trouble in the first place.  I guess she just could not get enough dick and ended up pissing off the wrong guy who shared all these exgfpics for this hot ex gf gallery.


EX GF Galleries 3-13-11 Ashlynn
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Our girl Ashlynn looks like she was having a good time showing off her ass and playing with her pussy.  Yet another tale of stupid chicks taking all these hot pictures which quickly turn into exgfpics and then pile up into one of our featured ex gf galleries.  For the life of me I will never understand why girls want to act scummy and cheat on guys when they have this massive amount of exgfpics and sex tapes floating around.  Did they think this stuff would NOT get out once they made the guy that took them feel like utter shit?



Wow! We might have missed a few days of posts, but our friends as Exploited EX GF did not miss a beat.  I turn my back for a day or two and get bombarded with piles of exgfpics from all these cheating sluts that range from innocent pigtails to full on dildo ramming action.  I guess cheating sluts and ex girlfriends get exposed every few seconds like some random crime statistic and never rest.  On the up side we can all be happy that there is no shortage at all of these whores with the fuck me eyes for everyone’s amusement.  No matter what happens some horny slut will always have the bright idea to make a sex tape and then another great idea to cheat on the guy that filmed in.  It is like the EX GF porn circle of life which always ends with an awesome site like Exploited EX GF paying some guy 100’s of bucks for all the dirt on these kinky sluts and sharing them with the world.  At least we can trust that the internet will be full of these whores just as fast as they can ruin the day of the guy they were fucking around on.

EXGFPICS Of Dakota The Craig’s List Ex GF Slut


EX GF Galleries 3-10-11 Dakota

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Oh Dakota, why do your parents hate you?  You were destined for exgfpics fame from the start by my guess.  Stop and ponder this for a second or two… can you think of anyone named Dakota other than Dakota Fanning that is not a stripper or a porn star?  She even went the extra mile and got some fake tits to go along with that tan and those blond highlights.  Are we sure she is not in New Jersey or trying out for the next season of Jersey Shore?  If you look at this slut she is the perfect storm of an ex girlfriend, from everything I just told you about her to this gallery full of self shot exgfpics with the fuck me look in her eyes.  This whore was posting these pictures all over the internet and Craig’s List fishing for some cock. Well one day her boyfriend was looking around the casual encounters  section of craig’s List as a gag with his friends and found her post!  I wonder how shitty he felt when he opened up an ad and saw the pictures of his girlfriend looking for dick from all kinds of shady guys online.

The story does get a little more interesting when he sends a her a message pretending to be some random guy and catches this slut in the act.  This prime example of the awesome in our ex gf galleries includes most of the pictures the slut took and sent to her own boyfriend thinking he was some other guy.  You can click here for the rest.  She was such a dumb slut that she would send all these sexy self shot pictures to anyone on the internet that asked.  Maybe she won’t be so upset that they all ended up here and everyone is looking at them now?  Look for our girl Dakota at some random strip club in the near future most likely dancing after some slut named Destiny.  In the words of the soon to be late Charlie Sheen… WINNING!

Ex Girlfriend Exposed As The Cheating Bitch She Really Is


EX GF Galleries 3-9-11 Julie

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Julie is the subject of today’s ex gf galleries featuring some really nice exgfpics.  She has some hot natural big tits and looks like she is having a great time playing with her pussy while her boyfriend takes these pictures of his ex girlfriend exposed.  These ex girlfriend pictures would of never made it onto the internet if she did not end up being a cheating slut in the end.  She told him the standard cheating whore lies when he busted her fucking this asshole from her job.  You have heard about all these great bullshit lines before such as “You are never home”, “I was not cheating, we are just REALLY good friends”, “I did not know how to tell you”, etc.  I think the new lie cheating bitches should tell goes something like this “I am a really stupid whore and now please sell all those exgfpics you took of me online.”

Really, when you pose for all these exgfpics and fuck your boyfriend on camera why on earth would you do something scummy like this?  I guess these sluts are just not that bright if they are going to fuck over someone that has more than enough dirt on them to make one of our ex gf galleries and a nice video collection over at Exploited EX GF.  Thankfully they do indeed exist and great websites will pay good money for all the exgfpics of them doing all sorts of nasty things from fingering themselves to fucking their kinky girl friends after a night of drinking.

Maggie’s Self Shot EXGFPICS In Mirror


EX GF Galleries 3-8-11 Maggie

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The Ex GF of the day is this cheating slut Maggie.  We have some nice self shot exgfpics in front of a mirror in some facebook style poses minus the clothing.  This dirty slut was cheating on her boyfriend with his “best friend”, but hey what are friends for?  Nothing like thinking you can trust someone you have known for years only to find out that he was fucking your whore of a girlfriend behind your back while you were at work.  This slut was cheating for about three months before he came home to surprise her one day after leaving work early.  He walks into his house only to find his now ex gf on her knees sucking off his friend’s cock like a $20 hooker on the corner.  After getting into a massive fight with this ex gf whore and his former friend he cut them both out of his life and changed the locks.

While he was throwing out all the shit she left over at his house he came across her camera which was LOADED with all sorts of slutty exgfpics and videos that this bitch was making over the last three months.  Funny how he had never knew they existed until now and it really made him wonder what other secrets his ex gf was keeping from him.  After wanting to just smash the camera in a fit of rage he came to his senses and decided the best way to get back at that cunt was to post these pictures and videos all over the internet to show everyone what a real whore she really is.  That is when he came across Exploited EX GF and saw how they pay you CASH for all your exgfpics and videos.  Needless to say he was on that faster than a cash for gold infomercial and he sold all those videos and pictures for some quick cash.  Exploited EX GF has some deep pockets to buy all sorts of girlfriend pictures and videos of these cheaters and you should really head over and check out their collection even if you do not have any whores of your own to share with the rest of us.

Another Hot Big Tit EXGFPICS Gallery featuring Mona


EX GF Galleries 3-7-11 Mona

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Mona has some nice big natural tits, likes to take exgfpics for her boyfriend and even has a little Milla Jovovich thing going on if you look at her eyes. This sounds like the whole package to me, but somehow they ended on a bad note or maybe her boyfriend was just a dick and submitted these exgfpics of her anyway. There was no elaborate back story with these great exgfpics, however if you check over at Exploited EX GF they have some really sexy videos of this ex gf and many others just like her in addition to our featured ex gf galleries.  She has a pretty nice ass to go along with those ex gf big tits and you really need to see the whole video where she is getting bent over and fucked silly.  Enjoy another one of our daily updated ex gf galleries and do not miss out on all the videos hosted over at Exploited EX GF.

Ex GF Exposed Right Here With Brie Fingering Herself

EX GF Galleries 3-6-11 Brie

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We have one of our hotter ex gf galleries for you today.  Sure to to be an Ex GF Exposed classic we are adding this hot blonde named Brie to the exgfpics pile. We found these sexy exgfpics over at our friends Exploited Ex GF‘s site, and could not resist sharing with everyone.   Brie, this sexy little vixen was always so horny.  She could not go 30 minutes without touching herself and LOVED to take slutty gf pictures of her big natural tits while fingering her tight wet pussy.

She always told her man she wanted to have a nasty threesome one day.  Anytime one of her filthy slut friends were hanging around they would tease him while making out in front of him, but then continuing on without him in the other room.  This dirty big tit slut would be making all sorts of noise in the other room with her even bigger slut girlfriends and never let him join in.  I bet this twisted whore just got off on making the poor bastard suffer and what pleasure she couldn’t get from that she made up for with licking and fingering massive amounts of pussy.

Fed up with all of this slut’s head games he booted her out and started fucking one of her friends.  He took his new girlfriend out for a weekend away from this mind fucking bitch at a nice hotel.  What he did not tell the new girlfriend was he sold his exgfpics collection of Brie to Exploited Ex GF to pay for the trip.  Fuck Brie and her stupid head games! While this guy must be missing those nice big natural tits he must feel better now that his ex gf is exposed  for the dirty mind fucking bitch she is.

EXGFPICS With Holly And Her Sexy Geek Girl Glasses


EX GF Galleries 3-5-11 Holly 1

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Holly the ex gf geek girl stays in character with some sexy glasses.  She just looks so wholesome and nice posing for a few nice exgfpics that she did not have a problem taking.  Her boyfriend at the time really had a thing for geeky girls with glasses and he could not resist posting these pictures after the two split up.  I am sure the cash that Exploited EX GF paid him for these pictures and videos did not hurt either.  While these pictures did not come with any epic exgfpics style story we would normally share with you, I think these real gf pictures speak for themselves.  You have a geek girl with glasses that has a nice set of tits and shows off some pink.  What else could you ask for? A video of amateur cheerleaders pillow fighting an army of dirty geek girls with glasses to the death? Keep checking back with our ex gf galleries and maybe one day you will get your wish.

Until then enjoy this featured gallery and check out our friends over at Exploited EX GF.  You really can not go wrong with the awesome collection of real gf pictures and videos they have to show off.

Tanned Ex GF Ashley Joins The EXGFPICS Club

EX GF Galleries 3-4-11 Ashley

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The gallery we have today for your exgfpics viewing pleasure features Ashley.  She is a sweet little tanned snowbunny with a taste for some exhibitionism because she just loves to show what a dirty slut she really is. Ashley would be outside almost anywhere and just whip those nice big tits out for some instant exgfpics magic.  While she sure looks like the sweet girl next door, do not think for a second she will not get on her knees and suck someone off in the bathroom of a restaurant.  As a matter of fact, she sucked off most of the kitchen staff at the very restaurant she was waitressing in. This cheating ex gf would always text her boyfriend with some lame excuse about get slammed at work and needing to put in a few more hours. Thinking back maybe she was not lying at all. This whore of an ex gf could of very well been getting slammed in the ass and pussy by some losers at that dump she works at.

If there were never any nasty breakups what would you be looking at right now? Some lame ass amish girls gone wild type shit? Possibly, but thankfully we are saving your ass with another one of our hot ex gf galleries.  Thanks to friends like Exploited EX GF and their exgfpics collection we get to share all these nasty skanks with you and the rest of the world.  Enjoy our many ex gf galleries and make sure to vist Exploited EX GF to check out their free deal with 1000’s of videos and pictures updated daily. With the amount of cheating whores in the world they are overflowing with great stuff to see every day just like us.